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To make the long story short I need help coming up with $800. Me and my son was supposed to move into our new home Nov 17th. The process was a little rocky and my application wasn’t saved so I had to do another one! So I was allowed to get a new move In date which was on yesterday 12/1/2018! The money order I had was stolen and it was pretty much a blank canvas due to it having to be filled out at the office! The money I had to cover it had to be used in order to pay other expenses off this month! So I’m asking for any help I don’t want to loose this home I have been trying all year to get and I can’t lose any hope but I pray that someone anyone can help me I have until 9:00 am tomorrow to come up with the money or it will be lost! I don’t care about food I or anything else I just want to get me and my babies foot in the door
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Created Dec 02, 2018 Illinois

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