Help to start treatment scleroderma

Im reaching out to the community s and strangers and asking for you to hear me out and know that im being trueful and that this is very serious for me and i have nobody that can help so im reaching out to strangers the insurance company dropped me im guessing cause my treatments are 6000$ a month for 2 injections ive been without them for 4months and its aweful once you start them you half to stay on them cause its like its even worse now im suffering alot and mostly what hurts is im a mom of 5 my littels is 18 months i cant do the things that i need to beable to do and bethier for them as much as i want to they dont understand im so sick i just want to beable to be here for them not have them see me stuck in the bed i want to walk and play and be the best mom i can be for them so please i need the help of the world to get well so i can do those things i can verify and medical papers info for anyone willing to help me it would mean everything to me and my family ..i belive thier are good people out thier who care and can see that this very hard and not something that anyone sld half to go throught i will thank anyone willi g to help get me back on these treatments gett me going till i can figureout a way to afford them on my own thank you so much
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