Home Without a Home

My scary pschizoaffective outbursts stemming from my mental illness got me kicked out of my former RV park home and made me in debt and practically homeless. Desperately in need of a lot close by to place my park model home on. If I own the land, they cannot get rid of me. Temporarily set my home on my friends foreclosing property, but need funds soon before the bank completely takes over. I am currently living with electricity but no septic, and only a hose for water. M disease has made it impossible for me to live a normal and productive life and I am at wits end with worry over how I am going to get out of this jam. I would make a great research study for anybody who works in the mental health field who is writing a book on the issues. I could write many books on my own if I could keep my head on straight.
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Desiree Rosado

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