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Ok so.... I know people now a days are a little less giving, but I have no where else to turn . For the past id say 6 years of my life I've struggled and worked just to barely scrape by. I'd go to work everyday and when I came home I'd be taking care of everyone else but me. It seems like no matter how much money I make it's never enough. Well at 23 I'm tired of putting up with living the same day on repeat. Get up early in the morning go to work for nine hours, come home eat lay down sleep then repeat. I'd get two days off a week and those days were spaced don't from each other. So on my off days I had to just sit at home because I didn't have enough to travel or explore. I wasn't born into money and it seems like if you're not born into it then life's about to be really hard. I met a man named Marcus at 21 and we fell in love. The thing is he's just as free spirited as I am. We are both tired of feeling like the only reason we were put on this beautiful earth was to waste our lives away working for " the man" or as Marcus calls basically any company the slave master. Aren't jobs just justified slavery? Anyways so here is what we are doing. We are goin on foot from childersburg AL to California try to walk further then that once we get there and maybe walk to Washington. We can rely on our legs better then a car. We are asking for any donations just to help with food on our journey . Because at this point no matter of we starve or not we are going to do this. It's better then sitting on a couch all day being depressed and never having anything exciting happen. Of course we have some money put back for our travels. But it will run out . Hopefully not too quick if we are extremely smart. If anyone is interested in helping please do .you can also find me on my faceFace page. Wink killings is my FB name . This will be a adventure
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Kennedy Galloway

Created May 02, 2019 Alabama

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