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Hi everyone! I'm Réka 24 years old from Hungary, and I'm disabled. I borned this way. My muscles are too weak. I live in lodgins with my boyfriend, my older sister (she help and care about me when my boyfriend go to work) and my sister's partner. We have very few money, because this lodgings too expensive. Hard to pay everything, and buy foods for a month. So I want to live a little better.. I want new clothes, and buy clothes for my sister, my boyfriend. I want a better computer, because my is too old for good games. I really like to play with videogames! But I can't play with new games. I want to buy a better TV. Better phone, and games.. We want to paint the this flat, because the walls so so ugly! But we can't do these things because we are too poor... Sooo... I try luck! I don't know who will can help me, but somebody yes I want to say I'm very very grateful for her/him forever, because it's means lot for me, and thank you so much!!! Hugs and kisses from Hungary! :)
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Réka Farkas

Created May 03, 2019 Hungary

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