Identity Theft

This picture is of me chillin at the reststop. Day after he was arrested. First day of peace. Recent victim of identity theft. Captive by "Boyfriend" and stole my identity. He sold the title of my vehicle for $2000 to a shady loan company. My vehicle is the only thing i have left. He has done so much damage to my life its unbelievable. He was arrested FINALLY on the 13th. I was able to go thru his bag, his phone, emails, and his pockets. Things that he kept secret and never let me touch. Found my Family's belongings and much much more. I am currently sleeping at reststops until i find all the accounts made in my name. Online. Banks. Money apps. Verizon. Google. Paypal. The list goes on. Experian caught 87 alerts on my social security number. I went from ZERO bank accounts to about 30. The $2000 is for the title of my car so i can have that back. Its the ONLY thing i have left. Everything else is gone and everyone is mad at me bec. I couldnt tell them anything. He monitored my phone like a hawk. Once i filled out an identity theft form and well... You get the hint. Why did you stay around you ask? To document everything and make sure i can cover my ass in this situation for he has forged my name on SEVERAL fake checks. I am currently noting all events and turning it in. I need help. Any help i can get. And please, i already know how foolish i was. Just glad it is over with and i can get back to my normal life with my children.
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