Financially Sore

We are a family that is in need of emergency financial help. I work from home to save money with daycare, gas and things of that manner. I have rent and a couple of bills that are due tomorrow that I do not have all the money for and I am seeking out to you all to ask for any help at all. I save throughout the month to be sure that I have a little more than needed for all bills. However there were some unexpected cost this month that put me behind and so I searched and went to places to ask for assistance with bills. I did not have any luck, I then went online seeing if there were little jobs I could do to make extra money to help my situation and I didn't have much luck but a little work to do for $5. I have reached out to people, tried doing loans in which I did not qualify for. My youngest also crashed my laptop with milk and I tried to save it but couldn't and because I work from home I've been trying to get it fixed and have had to take a few days since I don't have the equipment for my work. It's been a rough month and if I recieve help I will definitely pay it forward when I can.

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