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Raising money for old lady with 25+ cats

Claudiu Daniel Rusu

This old lady got a big hearth and she loves the animals more than her. She dosn...

There is no time anymore $0 Raised 0%

Goal $300

Surgery for dog hit by car

Erin M

My friends dog was hit by a car and left to die. He had his leg amputated and ne...

Campaign Ended! $0 Raised 0%

Goal $700

Help street dogs get better home

Dipendra karki

Nepal is the country where you can see dogs more in the streets than in the hous...

No deadline $0 Raised 0%

Goal $15,000

Help this cute bird

Bozhidar Iliev

A blackbird baby, that doesn’t use its tiny legs. Most probably it has bee...

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Goal $160